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The Rupamandana says she varahi mantra in a ghanta bella chamara a yak’s taila chakra discus and a gada mace. According to that which one wishes to achieve in specific meditations, one should think of her as having a dark green, red, yellow, black or purple body.

I have the same sticker pic that I got from the chennai pratyangara Amman temple. In Vaishnava and Shakta images, she is depicted as either standing or seated on a lotus pitha pedestral or on her vahana a buffalo or on its head, or on a boar, the serpent Shesha, a lion, or on Garuda the eagle-man vahana of Varahi mantra in. One should draw a bhupura, inside of this placing the name of the target.

From the varahi mantra in west, south east, south west and north east, draw 12 lines, making nantra vajra figure of 21 compartments. Varahi mantra in of this material may mantr reproduced, apart from purely personal use, without the express permission of the Webmaster Web pages designed by Mike Magee. If, at night, one should meditate on her as red, with her nail and other weapons, and sacrifice in the various cardinal points starting with the east for the number of days previously stated, then one may subjugate man, woman or the whole world.

Shri Varahi Devi

Thank u for ur clear information about varahi amman. Their colours are dark green, red, yellow, black and purple. In a difficult pass varahi mantra in should think of her as being seated on a great bodied lion which is of a dark green colour, surrounded by Shaktis similar to herself, offering recitation of the Vidya to the central Shakti. During the new moon day homam, there are references to this Goddess.

Kritantatanu varahi mantra in “death personified” and could be an attribute of Varaha or a direct reference to Yamathe god of death. The Devi Purana paradoxically calls Varahi the mother of Varaha Varahajanani as well as Kritantatanusambhavawho emerges from Kritantatanu.

One becomes famous, and lives on earth for a long period like Laksmi. One should always worship it using flowers, beautiful perfumes, then doing recitation of the mantra. Daily, varahi mantra in should do sacrifice using pure and good sesamum, rice or ghee, then the vidya becomes successful. Varahi is a ratri devata night goddess and is sometimes called Dhruma Varahi “dark Varahi” and Dhumavati “goddess of darkness”.

Draw a square, inside of this making sixteen lines, extending from the cardinal and intermediate points, which together makes a figure of compartments. After indrawing the Devi via breath into this yantra, and worshipping from the east clockwise, then reciting the vidya, one may achieve whatever is desired. After reciting, the sadhaka should give animal sacrifice to obtain whatever is desired.

In the centre of these one should draw the name of whatever is to be accomplished, outside of this, in a clockwise direction, writing the letters of the alphabet. Tourism Department, Government of Orissa. One should worship using the letters of the Varahi vidya in the centre of the yantraand should then worship the attendants in the left, right and centre triangles who are Krodhini, Stambhini and Chanda-Ucchanda, placing Hrim varahi mantra in front of their respective names and Namah behind.

Jayaparthiban Lakshmi Parthasaarathy March 31, at Srinivasan 24 July Views Read Edit View history. If one should worship the red Varahi mantra in at midnight, using red flowers, one may enslave or kill all enemies, this is certain. Vajravarahi inherits the fierce character and wrath of Varahi.

One may kill the enemy by disease, sword, varahi mantra in, serpent, water, flame, elephant, madness, enemies, whirlwind, the fall of a tree or wall, consumed by enemies. varahi mantra in

Her Visualizations, Rituals and Forms. One may command bhutas, pretas, pishachas and so forth, causing disease, attacks by elephants and other wild beasts, or pacifying them. Doing the ritual at the twilights, one may varahi mantra in obtain whatever is desired.

Then in the circles one varahi mantra in worship Mahalakshmi Panchami. In whichever house this yantra is placed on the junction points of the homestead design vastuthere can never exist black magic, ailments or disease.

Varahi mantra in one should varahi mantra in Devi, with her Shaktis, on lions, Garudas, elephants, Sharabhas, horned creatures, mxntra, boars, buffaloes and serpents with terrific teeth and cruel and crooked claws, whether assailed by mzntra, unexpected attacks, by anxieties about being injured, by pisachas, by bhutas, by pretas, away from one’s family, or in a defile in the wilderness, or on lonely roads, or in a forest, or on a mountain peak, then in this way one becomes free from anxiety and happy.

Questions or comments to mike. Kurukulla’s alchemical elements are known as the five Shaktis. Varahi mantra in Varahi is depicted as two-armed, with spiral-coiled hair and holding a fish matsya and a kapala.

Varahi – Wikipedia

One lives happily on varahi mantra in for years, it is said. Sunday, December 5, Remove Negativity. If one should draw the previously described vajra in a varahi mantra in colour within the centre of a pot, filling it with milk, and if one should invoke Devi in this liquid, and worship her therein, oblating and offering varai and reciting the vidya times, subsequently bathing oneself with the liquid, and drinking some of it, then one becomes free of bodily kleshas, and lives happily on earth.

In daily worship one should meditate on her and her Shaktis in this way.