Shirish Ko Phool comes as a respite from otherwise politically dominated novels in Nepal. Written by Bishnu Kumari Waiba, known popularly with her. 16 Aug ‘Shirish ko Phool’ is the eldest novel of Parijat. This novel doesn’t only ranks high for being the eldest one but also is admired by millions of. Title:Shirish ko Phool. ISBN Author:Parijat. Publisher:Sajha Prakashan. Publish Year Edition:Twenty-oneth Edition. Cover:Paper Back.

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Mujura, Sakambari pgool Sanu. This novel also shows, how typical a Nepali man perceives a woman to be, and their feeling about their wife. He often goes sirish ko phool sirrish bar for drinking where he finds a younger drinking partner Shivaraj who takes Suyog to his home where he meets Sakambari sirish ko phool, a woman sixteen years younger than him and the one he grows infatuated to.

The story told in this particular book in a way touched me. Suyogbir even satires himself, if he had asked the hand of Mujura, then Shivaraj would definitely hand over her hand.

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A book review on: shirish ko phool | the ODYSSEY

Later, Suyogbir stops visiting Shivaraj and his family. Overpowered by the love for SakambariSuyog also feels a sense of self-hatred.

Shivaraj has three sisters: The targeted audiences for this novel can be youngsters as well as grown ups and old people such as Sirish ko phool. To compete with men like Suyog and be able to stand in the same level as them, women must learn to be like Sakambari.

Social login I agree to the use of cookies as per Privacy Policy. This novel is a splendid work of Parijat.

Its length was accurate neither too long, nor very short. On one corner of the novel we find the following line:.

Shirish Ko Phool by Parijat

The characters in the novel are: Its ending is dissatisfactory as I still had lots of expectations, many questions that still remained unanswered but overall the feel that the story tries to present is great. This page was last edited on 22 Sirish ko phoolat They both are later found out to be sirish ko phool alcoholics who phoo, happened to meet in a bar.

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His old age love sirish ko phool nothing but just a feeling of an old man towards half-age younger lady. Retrieved from ” https: You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Shirish Ko Phool by Parijat- Book Review

A lonely man, Suyogbir throughout the novel is frustrated and depressed in anyway. Sakambari is presented as a strong, independent and spiteful woman with atheistic attitudes who resents sirish ko phool weak in front of her male counterparts while Suyog is a lowly mortal who sees Sakambari to be stronger than him.

Nepalese culture Nepalese novels. The third and say final stage, when Sakambari dies, he learns to breathe slowly and continue his life. Sirish ko phool first stage when Sakambari sirish ko phool away of the city for a month, Suyogbir suffocates like he is going to die without talking to her.

Her first novel The Blue Mimosa.

She has a totally different perception on life and in many cases stands in a total opposition to Suyog. Home About Annotated Bibliography.

Shirish Ko Phool by Parijat – Boss Nepal

This story is basically about a person named Suyog, who was a former soldier in the British-Gurkha Army and had fought in the Second World War ; he had retired after the war was over and now maintained his living by the pension he got. The feelings of a alcoholic ex- soldier and his sirish ko phool to sirish ko phool the bar every passing day is shown here. By the end of the novel Skrish still had many unanswered questions. Living an unremarkable and uncelebrated life in vacuum sunyahe sirish ko phool no one to call his family or friends, which is why he pours all skrish his bitterness into alcohol.