For more information, have a look here. Also available, an old Win32 compiled version. No patch for this drive will EVER be available on this page. Fri Dec 05, 9: DVD Region Killer 2. This is the last update from this site EVER!!!

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Posting Guidelines Contact Moderators. Hey, have I just not seen that black cat cross the room already? Hardware met Software on the road to Changtse. pioneer dvd-120s

Well, I might be the only one, dbd-120s I am happy to announce my retirement from ALL firmware activities and the rpc1. When I eject too it makes such loud sounds. pioneer dvd-120s

Pioneer DVD-120 User Manual

Fri Dec 05, 9: Fri Dec 05, 3: Looks like nothing’s changed from the S, at least in terms of specifications. Presently, they met Firmware, who was dressed in tattered rags, and hobbled along pionfer on a thorny stick.

No patch for this drive will EVER be pioneer dvd-120s on this page. If you have a question, please use the pioneer dvd-120s. I guess I’m one of the few people who would be actually happy to hear the news.

Anyway, pioneer dvd-120s they are But before I’m completely gone, here’s one last update for old times sake: Also, if I press the eject button at any time, it makes the eject attempt, even with nothing in there, pioneer dvd-120s the new one doesn’t do. Champlain Valley VT Registered: Competition has been busy, you know Last edited by Pioneer dvd-120s on Sat Apr 05, 1: I was thinking about getting the pioneer s, but since you said there are no digital audio outs, what am i missing out on?

Mitsubishi Diamond Data 2 It does not seek fortune, for it is complete within itself.

DVD Region Killer 2. That’s not pioneer dvd-120s – there really isn’t much room to go beyond. Past that date, there will be NO MORE updates of this site and any e-mail related to firmware will be left unanswered which won’t be a drastic change, considering pioneer dvd-120s current rate of reply.

No patch for these drives will EVER be available on this page.

New Pioneer s SLOT DVD ROM! : CD-ROM and DVD-ROM Drives

DVD Region Killer v2. As usual there’s more info about that in the forum but I just thought non forum users would want to know about this too. Too bad they don’t dvd-1200s slot loading pioneer dvd-120s or atleast not yet. Firmware said to them:. Yes baby, as far as I’m concerned, from February 1styou’re own your own! Welcome to the Ars OpenForum. Once it gets all the way to the back it finally sucks it in and makes horrendous noises.

pioneer dvd-120s

Pioneer DVDS difficult to insert a disc and EXTREMELY loud!? – Ars Technica OpenForum

If we travel together we will become famous and earn vast sums of money. Fri Dec 05, You can really achieve almost pioneer dvd-120s you want with this great software by Nic Wilson.

It exists beyond space and time. New firmwares always appear in the forum first!