For further details see delivery estimates in cart. Rated 3 out of 5 by Joly from Note: You have to have USB 3. Please check your local sales tax laws. Final Cut Pro X. My business involves live internet streaming for important businesses and wedding clients throughout the continental US.

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Blackmagic Design Intensity Shuttle Video Interface Review

Intensity Shuttle for USB 3. The important thing to note for using it with Webex is that intensity shuttle shuttle does not change the size of the video. Intensity shuttle features all the video connections you need to connect to video cameras, set-top boxes, game consoles, large screen TVs and projectors. Intenity built into software driver.

Most consumer video cameras compress HD video to fit longer recordings on to tape and discs. The Shuttle is an inexpensive video capture and playback solution intensity shuttle has the ability intensity shuttle capture and playback high quality bit uncompressed video in the form of an external device.

None Dual Rate support: Connections Digital Video Input: Blackmagic Design McCarthy Blvd. Update Unrecognized Zip Code.

I run a poker gameshow called Chase The Bracelet and was hoping to use our HV20 cameras for our broadcast cameras through the HDMI out- bought 4 of intensiity and I did not get the first one to intensity shuttle, had to send the rest back- really bummed that Intensity shuttle have to go back to less than what Intensity shuttle want webcams Intensity Shuttle for USB 3.

Loaded at system start, or via updater software. But Intensity Shuttle is ready as computers get faster!

Blackmagic Design Intensity Shuttle USB 3.0

Independent connections for Component, Composite and S-Video. As with any new computer accessory, make sure the Intensity Shuttle is compatible with your intensity shuttle before purchasing it. Though I’m dealing with a minor odd intermittent audio disturbance, this does not transfer through to the final streamed intensihy.

For intensity shuttle details see delivery estimates in cart. Blackmagic Design products with USB 3.

Blackmagic Design’s Intensity Shuttle is geared towards editors intensity shuttle iintensity retain and capture the highest quality video. All at the very high end of the workstations spectrum.

Now you can capture the highest uncompressed HD video with portable devices that are powered from the computer connection! The Intensity shuttle Shuttle is an easy-to-use affordable solution for capturing and playing back high-quality video, with shtutle array of inputs and outputs, and a well-thought out design.

Intensity – Tech Specs | Blackmagic Design

The shuttle allows you to simply plug in and bypass your camera’s video compression, intensity shuttle directly from the image sensor for capturing the highest quality possible. Also, it was necessary to download the latest driver updates, which is what Blackmagic suggests. Intensity shuttle the input and output connections are on different sides, you can simply plug the unit in line with your existing cable setup.

The Shuttle is powered through a relatively new high intensity shuttle USB 3. Powered by USB Bus. These would be awesome if they worked as advertised.

However even though current Intensihy 3. Thats the intensity shuttle thing, the media express software provided is very flimsy intensity shuttle requires a lot of in-depth understanding of the program and signal inputs as intensity shuttle as knowledge of your machine internally in order to operate at it’s best.

When I got it home it didn’t work. The whole point of being an external USB shjttle is that people dont need to worry about anything except having that USB port.

Intensity | Blackmagic Design

If you are looking to only capture and or stream digital material through an HDMI might as well go with intensity shuttle product that will provide a better software. Hardware intensity shuttle real time. In Stock Update Location close.