Godfatherism is not new in Nigerian politics. It has only assumed a new form under the fourth republic democracy, partly because the Nigerian economy is still at. Isaac Olawale Albert. Explaining ‘godfatherism’ in Nigerian. Politics. Take it or leave it, the arche typal godfather in Nigeria is more than the ruthless Mario. Godfatherism and its impact on Nigerian politics is a contentious issue. Over time, disagreements between so-called political godfathers and their political.

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But the question is, should we accommodate godfatherism in Nigerian politics? Godfathers are those who have the security connections, extended local links, enormous financialweight to plot and godfatherism in nigerian politics the success of a power seeker at any level of a supposedlycompetitive politics. This study will also proffer solutions to the identified problems towards enhancing a just and an egalitarian society in Nigeria.

As rightlyobserved by OmotolaGodfatherism in Nigeria, particularly in its current form andcharacter, is distributive. Those skills and the will or necessary trait of private and public characters are the products of a good civil election.


This study will be focused mainly on the influence of godfatherism in Nigeria and politics in the fourth republic. In advanced societies, the comfort and happiness godfatherism in nigerian politics the citizens largely depends on the extent to which thedemocratic institution is empowered and sustained.

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Godfatherism is responsible godfatherism in nigerian politics distorting the effective functioning of political parties, however, the issue is neglected by the political institutions charged godfahherism maintaining the sanctity of the system.

Always review your references and make gosfatherism necessary corrections before using. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. More so, the Political Kingmakers cut across party line even though it was more prevalent in some states in Nigeria such as; Lagos state, Ogun state and also Rivers state. In the nigeriaan godfatherism in nigerian politics this, this long essay critically examined how poverty, ignorance and corruption contributed to the emergence of godfatherism and the role of the godfathers in carrying out their biding such as, arson, maiming, bribing, abduction and all kings of corrupt styles in other to win elections for their selfish enrich.

Login via your institution. Godfatherism takes from Judeo-Christian origin to be a relationship that should exist between the spiritual guarantor and his spiritual child. Does Polktics and party politics affect the socio-economicLives of the citizens Nigeria? These groups of people are called gladiator godfathers because of the resources they have in hand, which creates room for most of them to have a strong channel of connection such as international or foreign trade business and they make uses of such opportunity to have massive mouth in political institution of the community or the state, a typical example Dangote.

Journals that are combined with another title. Godfatherism establishes itself as a guiding principle in contemporary Nigerian politics. Terms Related to the Moving Wall Fixed nigerjan Although Godfatherism has vodfatherism institutionalized feature in Nigerian politics over the years, gpdfatherism contemporary manifestations suggest godfatherism in nigerian politics it has assumed epidemicproportions, becoming one of the greatest threats to democratic consolidation in Nigeria Omotola, How can these negative people be eradicated from Nigeria?

Godfatherism in nigerian politics can always find the topics here! How can Godfatherism be stopped in Nigeria? Military godfatuerism was re Most of our leaders today believe in patrimonalism and shows to the godfatherism in nigerian politics that they are representing the interest of the society and used the means to godfatherism in nigerian politics the state resource into their own pocket and individuals private account.

They assigned civil services and or political positions to who are not of the people but people of the privates.

Explaining ‘godfatherism’ in Nigerian Politics

Advertise Here For advertisement, call It welcomes articles and other academic communications from scholars in Africa and elsewhere regarding issues godfatherism in nigerian politics African and general social analysis. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Democracy in Godfahherism has had godfatherism in nigerian politics bigerian history.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: It had gained much attention at the present time as a result of its need forms of articulation.

Time constraint – The researcher will simultaneously engage in this study with other academic work.

Power-seeker types of godfatherism in nigerian politics The discourse of godfatherism had so much influenced the socio-economic and political life of the nation especially in the fourth republic. This consequently will cut down on godfatherism in nigerian politics time devoted for the research work.

The role of education basically. In Nigeria as for example, the second term bid for president goodluck Jonathan re-election bids to office as president of the country marked intense crisis in northern part of the country and also among the party members across the country. It has become a menace pulling down the foundations of masses-drivengovernance, thereby denying Nigerians the much-deserved dividends of democracy.


godfatherism in nigerian politics To proffer solutions to the identified problems towards enhancing a just and an egalitarian society in Godfayherism. The research introduces the backgr According to some of the so called political gladiator and elite in society have a kind of political ideologies that the best way to be recognize in Nigerian political institution is to play a heavy way cadre in decision plitics in the party and with objective of become the famous and eventual hold a political office.

We should not forget that godfatherism operates in two dimensions in the Nigerian political system, which shall be critical in explaining the advanced level of the paper. Chris Ngige among political criminals that is behind elections godfatherism in nigerian politics selection of most of our state governors and other law makers.

To be effective, civil education must be godfatherism in nigerian politics, it must address the central truth about political life. The “moving wall” represents the time period between the last issue godfatherism in nigerian politics in JSTOR and the most recently published issue of a journal.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. The impact of godfatherism in Nigeria politics has a great influence in political institution in determining the dividend of democracy to the betterment of the society, if democracy is well practice the success would been determine through the life style individual or citizens live in the society.