A. Multi-Product Calibrator. Service Manual. PN August Rev.5 , The Fluke Model A Multi-Product Calibrator (Figure ) is a precise. Fluke Corporation. 1. A Specifications. The following paragraphs detail specifications for the A Calibrator. changes more than 5 °C. (See “Zeroing the Calibrator” in Chapter 4 of the A Operator Manual.) Also see additional. 2 Fluke Corporation A/A Multi-Product Calibrators Extended Specifications. Warmup Time. Twice the time since last warmed up, to a maximum of

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Record these values in Tableand compare against the listed tolerance. One of these cables is fastened by a cable tie that must be cut, then replaced with a new one when reassembling. If an out-of-tolerance condition is found, the instrument can he re-calihrated using fluke 5500a calibrator manual front panel calibratkr the remote interface as described previously in this chapter.

Compare to the tolerance column of Table Equipment Setup fluke 5500a calibrator manual Low Frequency Flatness All low frequency flatness procedures use the following equipment: Input sense LO to normal LO.

A Operator Manual

Zeroing the Calibrator Zeroing recalibrates internal circuitry, most notably dc offsets in all ranges of operation. Removing the Keyboard and Accessing the Output Block There are two zeroing functions: Then follow these steps to fluke 5500a calibrator manual Leveled Sine Wave amplitude.

Introduction Because this is a high performance instrument, it is not recommended that the user service the hoards to the component level. The A should display approximately 1. How the Calibration Procedure Fluke 5500a calibrator manual Readjust A90R13 if necessary to keep the edge signal at 10 ns to be at the reference level.

The peak voitage is 4 V, except the calibrato to 1. Verification at 50 O fluke 5500a calibrator manual Another suspect is U48, both on the A6 assembly. The resistance and capacitance values must be known at this BNC f connector. Remove the 50 Q. The measurement value is then compared to the resistor actual value.

5500A Service Manual

Equivalent models can be substituted if necessary. AC Voltage Verification at 50 D.

For out of Warranty repair, contact a Fluke Serviee Center for a cost estimate. Pulse width, period Procedure fluke 5500a calibrator manual In this manual. The dimensional outline for the A Calibrator is shown in Figure See Figure for test equipment connection instructions.

Access Denied

Trigger Signal Specifications Pulse Function The SC is enabled by pressing the fluke 5500a calibrator manual panel scope key. Install a copper short circuit in the front panel TC connector total flukw zero only.

Eor each calibration step, take samples for at least two seconds, using the HP A MATH functions to enter the average or mean value.

Low Frequency Verification DC Voltage Verification at 50 You may find that you can place the second harmonic at 40 dBc hut the third harmonic is not at 50 dBc. Leveled Sine Wave Amplitude Calibration Refer to Eigure for the proper connections. Measure the fluke 5500a calibrator manual first. Program the Calibrator Mainframe to output fluke 5500a calibrator manual. SC Hardware Adjustments Note Before beginning SC hardware adjustments, it must determined which revision of the option is installed in the instrument.