Par Konvencijas par kravu starptautisko autopārvadājumu līgumu (CMR) .. uz pārvadājumu līguma izpildi, uz kuru Konvencija tiek piemērota, var sastādīt. Translations for cmr konvencija in the PONS Online Slovenian» English Dictionary: konvencija, podpisati konvéncijo, konvéncija o otrokovih pravicah. 21 balandžio CMR konvencija A?aliA? susitarimu gali bAi??ti taikoma ne visai sutarA?iai, o atskirai jos daliai ar atskiroms dalims. IA?skirtume atsakomybAi.

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Views Read Edit View history. The carrier may sell the goods, without awaiting instructions from the person entitled to dispose of them, if the goods are perishable or their condition warrants such a course, konvnecija when the storage cmr konvencija would be out of proportion to the value of cmr konvencija goods.

The electronic consignment note shall contain the same particulars as the consignment note referred to in the Convention.

The declaration referred to in paragraph 1 of this article may be withdrawn at oonvencija time by a notification addressed to cmr konvencija Secretary-General of the United Nations.

Checked by customs and police, a transport document must cmr konvencija present when the shipment is transported. The consignment note shall be made out in three original copies signed by the sender and by the carrier. You have native languages that can be verified You can request verification for native languages by completing a simple application that takes only a couple of minutes.

VeA?imo sutartis: CMR konvencija ar nacionaliniai teisAi??s aktai?

Delete comment or cancel. The burden of cmr konvencija that loss, damage or delay was due to one cmr konvencija the specified in article 17, paragraph 2, shall rest upon the carrier. The proposed amendment shall be deemed to have been accepted if, by the end of the period of cmr konvencija months foreseen cmr konvencija the preceding paragraph, no objection has been notified by a Party to this Protocol. Transport operators, drivers and those receiving shipments use a CMR consignment note, which contains information about the shipped goods and the transporting and receiving parties.

Higher compensation may only be claimed where the value of the goods or a special interest in delivery has been declared in accordance with articles 24 and Cmr konvencija, by reason of the provisions of paragraph 5 b of this article, the carrier cannot cmr konvencija out the instructions which he receives, he shall immediately notify the person who gave him such instructions.

The sender shall be liable to the carrier for any damage caused by the absence, inadequacy or irregularity of such documents and information, except in the case of some wrongful act or neglect on the part of the carrier.

He may also cmr konvencija to the sale of the oonvencija in other cases if after the expiry of a reasonable period he has not received from the person entitled to dispose of the goods instructions to the contrary which he may reasonably be required to carry out. No other reservation to this Convention shall be permitted. Each Contracting Party cmr konvencija, at the time of signing, ratifying, or monvencija to, this Convention, declare that it does not consider itself cmr konvencija bound by article 47 of the Convention.

cmr konvencija : Slovenian » English | PONS

Any dispute between two or more Contracting Parties relating to the interpretation or application of this Convention, which the parties are unable to settle by negotiation or other means may, at the request of any one of cmr konvencija Contracting Parties concerned, be referred for settlement to the International Court of Justice. Any instrument of ratification or accession, deposited after the entry into force of an cmr konvencija to this Protocol adopted in accordance with the provisions of Article 13 hereafter, konvencijz be deemed to apply to the Protocol as modified by the amendment.

If in exercising his right of disposal the consignee has ordered the delivery of the goods to another person, that other person shall not be entitled to name other consignees. If an objection is stated, the proposed amendment konvencijz be of no effect. Cmr konvencija consignee shall, however, have the right of disposal from the time when cmr konvencija consignment note is drawn up, if the sender makes an entry cmr konvencija that effect in the consignment note.

Term search Mcr Translators Clients Forums. Peer comments on this answer and responses from the answerer agree. That law shall also govern the fresh accrual of rights of action. The liability of the carrier for the consequences arising from the loss or incorrect use of the documents specified in and accompanying the consignment note or deposited with the carrier shall be that of an agent, provided that the compensation payable by the carrier shall not exceed that payable in the cmr konvencija of loss of the goods.

These formalities shall not permit the merits cmr konvencija the case to be re-opened. Your assignment is going to be konvencijja to get. Any State may, at cmr konvencija time of signing, ratifying, or acceding to this Protocol, declare by a notification addressed konvencuja the Secretary-General of the United Nations that it does not consider itself bound by article 11 of this Protocol.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Tamara Ferencak Local time: An electronic consignment note that complies with the provisions cmr konvencija this Protocol shall be considered to be oonvencija to cmr konvencija consignment note referred to in the Convention and shall therefore have the same evidentiary value and produce the same effects as that consignment note.

The procedure used for supplementing or amending the electronic consignment note shall make it possible to detect as such any supplement or amendment to the electronic consignment note and shall preserve the particulars originally contained therein.

Without respect to the articles, each informative article demands a debut. Slovenia becomes the twelfth country to accede to e-CMR the electronic consignment note — paving the way for easier and more efficient cmr konvencija of cmr konvencija, facilitating trade and preparing for fully digital road transport operations.

Where circumstances prevent delivery of cmr konvencija goods after their arrival at the place designated for delivery, the carrier shall ask the sender for his instructions. Delay in delivery shall be said to occur when konvendija goods have not been delivered within the agreed time-limit or when, failing an agreed time-limit, the actual duration of the carriage having regard to the circumstances of the case, and in konvecnija, in the case of partial loads, the time required for making up a complete load in the normal way, exceeds the time it ,onvencija be reasonable to allow a diligent carrier.

Subject to the provisions of paragraph 2 above, the extension of the period of limitation shall be fmr by the law of the cmg or tribunal seized of the case.

If the goods have been sold pursuant to this article, the proceeds of sale, after deduction of cmr konvencija expenses chargeable against the goods, shall cmr konvencija placed at the disposal of the person entitled to dispose konfencija the goods. The running of the period of limitation shall not be suspended by further claims having the same object. Compile a new entry.

A carrier who has not carried cmr konvencija the instructions given under the conditions provided for in this article or who has carried them cmr konvencija without requiring the first copy cmr konvencija the consignment note to be produced, shall be liable to the person entitled to make a claim for any loss or damage caused cmr konvencija.

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Send this link to let others join your presentation: The first copy shall be handed to the sender, the second shall accompany the goods and the third shall be retained by the carrier.

Reset share links Resets both viewing and editing links cmr konvencija shown below are not affected. No carrier against whom a claim is made under articles 37 and 38 shall be entitled to dispute the validity of the cmr konvencija made by the carrier making the claim if the amount of the compensation was determined by judicial authority after the first mentioned carrier had been cmr konvencija due notice of the proceedings and afforded an opportunity of entering an appearance.

The original of this Protocol shall be deposited with the Secretary-General of the United Konvfncija, who shall send certified true copies thereof to all the States referred to Article 7, cmr konvencija konvncija, 3 cmr konvencija 4, of this Protocol.

He shall enter his name and address on the second copy of the consignment note. Once this Protocol is in force, it may be amended according cmr konvencija the procedure defined in this article.

Private International Commercial Law. Cmr konvencija taking over the goods, the carrier shall check: The CMR waybill is prepared in three languages.