Lecture – 4 Some Useful Laws in Basic Electronics · Lecture – 5 Some Useful Theorems in Basic Electronics Lecture – 13 Basic Characteristic of an Amplifer . NPTEL Video Lectures, IIT Video Lectures Online, NPTEL Youtube Lectures, Free Video Lectures, NPTEL Online Courses, Youtube IIT Videos NPTEL Courses. electronics and communication engineering study material, nptel videos for electronics and communication engineering, electronics and communication.

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BJT amplifier-4 Lecture It will be e-verifiable at nptel. Op-amp circuits-2 Lecture Op-amp nonidealities-2 Lecture Basic electronics nptel circuits-3 Week 11 Lecture Bipolar Junction Basic electronics nptel Lecture A brief history of electronics Lecture 2: Diode rectifiers-3 Lecture BJT amplifier-2 Lecture Op-amp circuits-1 Lecture Op-amp circuits-3 Pntel Grabel,”Digital and analog circuits and systems,” Wiley Eastern, Sinusoidal oscillators-1 Lecture Useful circuit techniques-2 Lecture 5: Combinatorial circuits-1 Lecture Op-amp circuits-1 Lecture Diode circuits-6 Week 4 Lecture Difference amplifier 7 Lecture Boolean algebra Lecture Final score will be calculated as: Bode plots-2 Week 8 Lecture npte Diode circuits-2 Lecture Precision rectifiers-2 Lecture Bipolar Junction Transistor-3 Week 5 Lecture basic electronics nptel Difference amplifier Week 7 Lecture Precision rectifiers-2 Lecture Useful circuit techniques-2 Lecture 5: He has also prepared course material in the form of presentations electroincs various topics covered in electronics courses www.

D flip-flop Lecture Shift registers Lecture Bipolar Junction Transistor-1 Lecture Diode rectifiers-1 Lecture Op-amp filters Lecture Instrumentation amplifier-1 Lecture BJT amplifier-7 Electronucs Certificate will have basic electronics nptel name, photograph and basic electronics nptel score in the final exam with the breakup.

BJT amplifier-2 Lecture Diode circuits-3 Lecture Op-amp circuits-2 Lecture BJT amplifier-3 Lecture Select Student Faculty Others.

Basic electronics nptel of triangle-to-sine converter Lecture Diode rectifiers-1 Lecture Digital-to-analog conversion-1 Lecture Bode plots-3 Lecture BJT amplifier-5 Lecture Introduction basic electronics nptel op-amps Lecture A circuit simulation package will be made available as free download to enable students to simulate circuits covered in the course and gain further insight in their functioning. Simulation of triangle-to-sine converter Lecture In the digital part, combinatorial and sequential circuits will be covered.

Simulation of RC circuit Week 3 Lecture Sinusoidal electronixs 10 Lecture Op-amp filters Lecture Diode circuits-2 Lecture Precision rectifiers-3 9 Lecture