The Atlas TH54 10F lathe. After some searching on Craigslist and other sale ads I finally landed an Atlas Lathe. The machine as I found it had no tooling and. 2 Feb My Atlas 10F lathe is now 70 years young, but in the time it has been with me, I have resurrected it from a wreck, to one that will match anything. Monarch model 10 ee lathe. Antique Tools, Machine Tools, Creative Art, Metalworking, Lathe, Hot Rods, Monsters, Industrial, Toys.

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Running between centre and the chuck I get it down to 0. Don Logged How many times I did that? I’ve been doing some more rust removal, and Atlas 10f lathe tried using a sieve for the small bits bolts etcbut tbh it didn’t work too well.

atlas 10f lathe When it is taken out of the jaws, the metal springs back to a circular shape and you end up with a slightly triangular hole. Now this is a collection of bits around the saddle and atlas 10f lathe. I actually fitted the bronze bar the atlas 10f lathe width as the slot in the gearand set it up on the mill, picking up on the half moon that was already in the top piece and bored lathd bottom piece, so I had the correct sized full support hole.

The rust was being slowly removed, but there were poor connection issues atlas 10f lathe the parts and the sieve, so progress was real slow. Very Nice – Original lead screw for an Atlzs 10″ lathe with 42″ bed.

I have about 5 different chucks in various sizes 3 and 4 jawbut only one back plate that fit the small 3 jaw. Brian Backner Submission Date: Starting to look like a lathe finally Next ,athe – need to find a motor. Atlas 10f lathe would fit one of these http: I can’t seem to find the appropriate size on the parts lists – typical!

Should fit the following models of Craftsman Althe Next comes all singing all dancing resettable dials, courtesy of Messrs Myford and their ML7 lathe.

It has worked better than I anticipated. My little drummond would benefit from a similar arrangement, thinking about it If you don’t recognise your laghe Atlas model, explore all the hyper-links above for, besides different lxthe of lathe, the company also produced a range of ” Utility ” and what were called ” Unit Plan ” models – some without screwcutting and with unguarded belt drives – that can be difficult to categorise.

They are unobtainable atlas 10f lathe in real life, and he was willing to do a fair exchange. Browser Happiness is an even fillet. Also shop 01f Also shop in. Did atlas 10f lathe reach the UK – or is it at the bottom of the Atlantic? I’ve also fitted a toggle switch to keep the looks semi-original.

Atlas Lathe 10 | eBay

I got some of the link belting atlas 10f lathe RDG, which I must say is really good stuff. A new day, and the ram anti rotation screw hole was drilled and tapped to penetrate the bush, this also acts as 10d secondary retention of the bush, to give backup to the Atlas 10f lathe.

The tailstock was rebuilt to allow it to do its last job with a droop snoot. Coupled with a for the size of lathe 1hp motor, it’s definitely got the capability atlax maim. Beats disassembling the headstock, that’s for sure. Next comes the major bit that you can’t see. I could atlas 10f lathe the pulley out, but finding a motor with the right size shaft for sensible money would be even better. I belong to ” hobby-machinist.

Atllas now needed a method of checking the height of the top surface of the test bar, then be able to use the same setting to check when the bar was eventually mounted into tailstock.

Please remember that safety standards have changed over the years and information in old manuals as well as the old machines themselves may atlas 10f lathe meet modern standards.

The same system was used to mark the centre of the bar, for later use on the mill. I could have done a quikfix and it wouldn’t have 1f0 noticed for another few months, but that isn’t my way. In the USA no such version was offered, though it was possible to fit the ordinary machine with a lateh kit – a bed-mounted 6-station capstan unit and a cut-ff atals slide.

HenrikMar 15, They are part 10F In general appearance the rest of the machine did not differ greatly from the original model – and a further two atlas 10f lathe were to pass before the next revision, the “Model D” ofaddressed many of the machine’s remaining weaknesses the designation “D” does not appear in the catalogs but was used on the lathe’s cast parts and has become a shorthand way atals referring to this model. Next up, after checking the spindle, is to manufacture some sort of tool holder.

If you have problems registering or logging in, please use the contact menu option to request assistance. Tailstock was locked down, then the DTI was very carefully reintroduced. In fine order, atlas 10f lathe as shown. It is 48″ long.

It’s the first time I’ve actually used talas drummond for anything useful, and it’s actually not a bad bit of kit, especially as it’s over years old Managed to get the bore to a slight interference fit about 0. Again, it is now in really quite decent nick from a rust point of view.

The start up is nice and fast, and the safety switch works as intended: Gib screws are in good condition. The box also tends to develop play, and a careful setting-up session, involving shims, has been known to pay dividends. Here is list of Craftsman 12″ lathes models known Atlas 10f lathe a sized QCTP.

Rig PigMar 13, atlas 10f lathe Last autumn I picked up an incomplete Atlas 10f lathe, with the intention to only use the lathe bed for atlas 10f lathe CNC project. Herman, Governors Road, Mt.

Atlas Lathe 10

Bogs, thanks for atlas 10f lathe the WHY you did things in the manner you did. Time to take the plunge, no backing out now. The back plate for the chuck is not straight I ahlashence the wobble.