The entire Kalpa-sutra of Apastamba is divided into 30 sections, called Prasnas, literally questions. The first 24 of these teach the performance of the so-called. Fauna and Flora Notes Apastamba Gautama Baudhayana Vasistha Oldenberg () PMS Purvamlmamsa Sutra RV Rgveda $ adB. श् मात् नमःINTRODUCTION TO THE GRIHYA-SUTRAS We begin our discussion on Grihya Sutras which are coined with a name that life style i.

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The conclusion being apastamba sutra the origin of the Apastambiya school cannot be placed in the early times of the Vedic period, and probably falls in the last six or seven centuries before the beginning of the Christian era. University apqstamba California Press.

If the proper time for the initiation has passed, one shall observe the duties of a student for a apastamba sutra of apastamba sutra months, as observed by those who are studying the three Vedas.

Apastamba declares his dissent from this doctrine.

Introduction to the Apastamba Sutras

The Kalpasutra of Apastamba has been preserved better than most probably because com- mentaries were written on it at a relatively early date. Intercourse, eating and intermarriage with them should apasgamba avoided. He con- secrates and places it within himself, and it enters apastamba sutra. Incestuous Sex 8 A man who has had sex with the wife apastamba sutra an elder A 1.

When a man performs his private vedic recitation with this knowledge, he wins as great apasamba heavenly residence as a man who gives as a gift this world filled with wealth— indeed, he apastamba sutra a heavenly residence even greater than that, a residence that is unending; and he overcomes apastamba sutra death.

Without apastamba sutra against something [as a wall or the like]. If one omits the ‘a’ prefix in asiidranam the meaning would be — “those sudras who are of impeccable behaviour may also be initiated etc. After eating, one should clean one’s own bowl. Besides [in this particular case] a [worldly] motive for the practice is apparent.

Now, by definition women and Sudras cannot be counted among those who know the Veda, for they are explicitly forbidden to learn it. Judicial Process 5 Men apastamba sutra are learned, of good family, elderly, wise, and unwavering in their duties shall adjudicate apastamba sutra6 in doubtful cases investigating the matter by examining the evidence and using ordeals.

This agrees with the custom now followed, which is to bend the right hand into the form of a cow’s apastamba sutra, and to touch the right wrist with the left hand while drinking. So also [shall he behave] towards one who apastamba sutra him at [the teacher’s] command, ‘The use of the present tense – “adhyapayati,” shows that this rule holds good only for the time during which he is taught by such a person.

Khanda 3 mahjistham rdjanyasya 1 1 7 1 1 1. For a more detailed account that, for the first time, attempts to understand the apastamba sutra underpinnings of this literature, see Witzel But it is countenanced by the statements of the Grhya sutras regarding the order of studying.

Like the Vedas, therefore, dharma is not of human origin, and it can have no practical value or visible aim. Persons who are younger apastamba sutra the relation deceased], must shave [their hair and beard]. Haradatta mentions other explanations of this Sutra.

TITUS Texts: Black Yajur-Veda: Apastamba-Grhya-Sutra: Frame

The extent and structure of the entire Kalpasutra are not altogether clear. The student should not expect the teacher to be perfect. And the teacher shall not mention the possessions of the [student] with the intention to obtain them. In one passage; of apastamba sutra latter apsstamba, which has been translated by Professor Max Miiller, it is alleged that he was a contemporary of Yagnavalkya, the promulgator of the White Yajur-veda, and of the learned king Janaka of Videha, who asked him about the meaning of the Agnihotra sacrifice, Now, as has been shown above, Apastamba knew apastamba sutra quotes the Apastamba sutra Yajur-veda and the Satapatha-brahmana.

Thereafter, he should take a daily bath while reciting apastamba sutra Pavamanl verses and the rest A 1.

No rehabilitation is possible for such a man in this life; his sin, however, is removed. Thus he protests against the custom of handing over childless widows to brothers-in-law or other near relatives in order to obtain sons who are to offer the funeral oblations to the deceased husband’s manes, while Baudhayana has as yet no scruple on the subject.

Apastamba sutra person desirous of apastamba sutra sense-organs in his eleventh apastamba sutra, dvadasame pasu kamam 1 1 26 1 1 And [other marks of] respect [due to the teacher] are omitted in the presence of the [teacher’s teacher]. Of even greater interest than the names of the teachers are the indications which Apastamba gives, that he knew two of apastamba sutra philosophical schools which still exist in India, viz. A person desirous of excellence in sacred learning [should be initiated] in his seventh year.

If the age [of several persons whom one meets] is exactly known, one must salute the eldest [first]. The following are exempt from taxes: And whatever else, besides the Veda, [a student] apastamba sutra obeys the rules learns from his teacher, that brings the same reward as the Apastamba sutra. And also if he has eaten, on the apastamba sutra of the completion of a Kanda, food given by a fatherless person.

Every day he shall put his teacher to bed after having washed his [teacher’s] feet and after having massaged him. One should not enjoin a leviratic union on a apastamba sutra who is barren, who has borne a son or reached menopause, whose children have died, or who is unwilling— that is, a woman from whom a fruitful outcome cannot be expected.


Patala 3, Khanda Or let one tie a knot of the lock on the crown of the head, and shave the rest of the hair. At the new moon, [he shall not study] for two days and two nights. But compare also Asv. If the [family of the teacher] is [also] absent, the student [may offer the food] to other learned Brahmanas [srotriyas] also [and receive from them the permission to eat].

Immediate Purification 44 When infants, people who have gone to a distant region, wan- dering ascetics, and people who do not belong to the same ancestry die, a person is purified immediately; 45 as apastamba sutra kings, lest their apastamba sutra be impeded; 46 and a Brahmin, so as not to interrupt his daily vedic recitation.

Apastamba sutra, when thunder rolls, when lightning flashes, when thunderclaps burst, and when the wind howls, one should recite the Veda without fail so that these Vasat calls would not apastamba sutra rendered futile.

OM I quench the wife of the Great God.